In the spring of 2006, I was contacted by the Springs
School art teacher, Colleen McGowan and the librarian,
Melanie Barsch, to see if I was interested in working
with their second grade classes, if they could get a
Peconic Teachers Grant for the project.  I happily
excepted, though my experience with young children
and teaching was a bit limited.  The below is the result
of our collaboration.  We had pairs of students work on
individual 10" panels in a sea life theme.   The teachers
and older students and I then did the interior mosaic
lettering of Springs School Library.  I then attached all
the children's panels to the main substrate, grouted,
and resined the piece and voila, the library had a new
sign, 5'x 7' for over its bookshelves.  It was a great
experience for me to work with the kids and Melanie
and Colleen and the children were so proud of their
There are examples of the individual kids panels below,
before they were grouted