Thank you for visiting my website.  I am not a writer.  I do not have
the patience to put words together to make a cohesive and
interesting sentence.  I truly admire people who can, it seems like
magic to me.  However when it comes to color and little itsy bitsy
pieces of glass, I can sit for hours in an almost meditative state.   
They say making art stimulates endorphins.  Maybe that is what
occurs for me.  

When i think about my life, and all the turns it has taken, it is
amazing to me that i have found the delightful path i am currently on.  
I know it took many lives to get here.  I have always had affection for
mosaics and tile in general.  It was only a matter of time before  I
Incorporated their use into my work.  My earlier paintings and early
castings were mosaic in that i used little pieces of paint, paper, and
collage if you will to make one larger picture.  I was always putting
smaller pieces of "stuff" together creating a piece that usually had
one image.  I finally began making glass mosaic frames for my
paintings and everything blended so well that viewers weren't certain
where the tile ended, painting began or if it was a painting at all.  I
enjoyed presenting a visual confusion.   I have not given up painting
however discovering mosaics was the final piece in my puzzle.  
Suddenly i felt everything that i had been visualizing during my
artistic life had come together.  I enter my studio excited every day to
start or finish a project with more enthusiasm than I ever thought
possible.  It is a wonderful thing,  and a wonderful way to work.  
You may contact me if you are interested in any of
my work or in commissioning mosaic projects or
paintings at